Signing ceremony for the newco”SAVELLI MACHINERY WEIFANG”

On July 5,2024, at Metal China 2024 in Shanghai, the successful signing ceremony was held by Weifang Kailong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Savelli Technologies S.r.l.


After a fruitful collaboration born in January 2020, Weifang Kailong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Savelli Technologies S.r.l. have decided to establish a new Chinese company with the legal name of Savelli Machinery Weifang Co., Ltd., majority owned by the Savelli Technologies S.r.l..

SAVELLI, legal name Savelli Technologies S.r.l., is an historical Italian company and worldwide leader in the “Green Sand” Foundry field; its activity started in 1842 from a one-men blacksmith shop.

Today, SAVELLI has its industrial unit in Brescia (north of Italy); its activities include machines, complete plants and services for the “Green Sand” foundry industry producing steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings for different industries and applications.


Weifang Kailong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the sole official partner of SAVELLI in China.

SAVELLI is the initiator of FORMIMPRESS, the high pressure, double squeezing, model-side compaction process.

Savelli Technologies S.r.l. is the exclusive owner of the trademark registered in China since 2014 and of the related intellectual property.


Post time: Jul-10-2024
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